Written by Stephen Volk
*International Fantasy Film Award for Best Actor 1987 - Gabriel Byrne
*International Fantasy film Award for Best Special Effects 1987
*International Fantasy Film Award Nomination for Best Director 1987 - Ken Russell 


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Directed by cult favourite and "enfant terrible" Ken Russell, Gothic delves into the erotic and terrifying night in 1816 that ultimately gave birth to Mary Shelley's classic horror novel Frankenstein and Polidori's "The Vampire". 

While a wild storm rages in the sky over poet Lord Byron's literary house party on the shores of Lake Geneva, the exiled English poet suggests everyone invent a ghost story. As the dead of night closes in, he and his guests go on to hold a séance to conjure up their deepest, most secret fears. But is it their intense lusts and vivid imaginations at work, or have they truly created a monster?

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"Lock up the kids and blindfold your granny; Ken Russell is at it again"  Peter Travers, People

"Ken Russell's wildest film yet"  William Wolf, Gannett News Service

"One hell of a trip"  Bruce Williamson, Playboy 

"A journey through a highly sexual garden of horrors"  Daily Telegraph 

"Filmmaker Ken Russell dramatized that dark and stormy Geneva night, and the dark and stormy nature of Byron's personality, in his 1986 film Gothic, a film that revels in the dark, sinister and macabre aspects of Byron's sexuality. Natasha Richardson played a once-again too beautiful Mary Shelley alongside Gabriel Byrne's vampiric and sexually threatening Byron. Over the course of the strange night - a night haunted by the demons of opium, lust and unbridled imagination - Byron and his guests conjure up dark forces that threaten their very sanity. Their imagination, in the words of Julian Sands as Percy Shelley, gave life to 'a creature, a creation, a jigsaw of all our worst fears in flesh and blood.' The creature of the night, taking varied forms and shapes for each member of the party, is at its heart Byron himself, his seductive allure claiming not only Mary's stepsister Claire but Percy and Polidori as well."  Dr Gregory L. Reece, Creatures of the Night

"Gothic alludes not only to pederasty but also abortion, adultery, blasphemy, incest, self-mutilation, vampirism, and at least one attempted murder. It also includes a man-to-man kiss - tongue and all - between the immortal poets Lord George Gordon Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley!"  Joseph Lanza (Phallic Frenzy: Ken Russell and His Films)

"Five go mad on laudanum" Sunday Times

"The thinking man's Nightmare on Elm Street"  Variety 

"A Visual Feast" Sunday Telegraph

"Surely it is time Russell stopped producing this sick rubbish..." Letter to The People, March 1987

"A complex psychosexual drama about the act of creating art" James Payne, Garageland

"(A) seminal Russellian film which deal(s) with belief, sex and identity"  Dangerous Minds

"Russell means Gothic to be the last horror show. Byron is Count Dracula, feeding on his guests' dreams and demons. Shelley is every weak hero, Polidori every mad doctor, (Claire) Clairmont every wench whose lust turns her into a succubus. And (Mary) Godwin, racked by visions of her stillborn child, becomes the cursed mothers of The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby"  Richard Corliss, Time

"Lurid, kitschy, over the top... Russell isn't afraid to be trashy in the pursuit of unfettered cinematic symbolism. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it"  The Grindhouse Project

"Make no mistake, Gothic very much is a horror film. it has all the trappings its title suggests. it has a monster of the characters' own making (the genesis for Frankenstein's monster) - and it has a nightmarish feel few films have ever equalled"  Ken Hanke, Mountain Xpress 

"Russell's poets romp through mud, slime and nightmare fantasies whilst dressed in the height of Romantic fashion. As a sleazy, sexually repressed Polidori, Timothy Spall seems so revoltingly convincing it makes you concerned for his family"  Desson Howe, Washington Post

"The cast is as spastic and apparently lobotomized as you might expect if you've read the above plot synopsis. Gorgeous Natasha Richardson, in her film debut, carries the film with grace and confidence, making for a good counterpoint to all the craziness"

"An exaggerated, plotless experiment in dramatic and visual overkill, and we clearly recognize every minute of its running time as the manipulation of an overambitious director who seems to go a little madder with every film he gives us"  Film As Art

"At certain points the story is historically accurate. Then, of course, the camera zooms in on a fish on a bird bath or Byron's incredibly creepy collection of life-sized mechanical dolls and you have no idea what the hell is going on"  Gillray's Printshop of Historical Absurdities

"It's hard to imagine anyone topping Russell and this great movie"  Deeper Into Movies 

"As fans of Russell know, there's a sense of delight one gets from his completely-uncalled-for extremism. Gothic is probably my favourity entry from an incredibly bizarre career"  Sara Century, Fangrrls 

"As ghoulishly funny and frenzied as a carnival ride through The Marquis de Sade's Tunnel of Love" Vincent Canby, New York Times

That New York Times review in full

"You will cleave to this tortured bit of cinematic epilepsy because it is ALIVE... I came away from Gothic with my soul on fire... (...) because it is dangerously conceived, impudently mounted, uncaring of its footing, determined to crawl the wall or tumble into the abyss, all in the name of disgorging the absurd demon in thought."  Harlan Ellison in Harlan Ellison's Watching

Read an extract from Harlan Ellison on "Gothic" 

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"Gothic is a real cult gem due a critical reappraisal and ripe for rediscovery by fans of horror and Russell's work.  (It) is inspired, of course absolutely mad, and sometimes even downright brilliant"  Martyn Contario, Scream Magazine (2012) 

"(Russell) was a demiurge intoxicated with the idea that more equals much more, and that subtlety was for the half-alive"  Michael Atkinson, Sight & Sound 

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Director: Ken Russell
Producer: Penny Corke
Director of Photography: Mike Southon
Executive Producers: Al Clark and Robert Devereux
Virgin Films (1986, UK)

Byron.....................Gabriel Byrne
Mary.......................Natasha Richardson
Shelley....................Julian Sands
Claire......................Myriam Cyr
Polidori....................Timothy Spall

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