Written by Stephen Volk

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The very near future... Violent sex offender Carl Gatliss is put on parole with a "modern version of the ankle tagging" - a camera embedded in his retina so that his probation officer, Esther, can watch his every move from Gatliss's own point of view. At first he takes delight in his new-found freedom: and the fact that Esther is observing even his most private moments, as a kind of legalized Peeping Tom. But judicial surveillance becomes voyeurism as her professionalism distorts and she becomes as obsessed by him as he is with her.

Image by Peter Gudynas (Zap Art)

"A multi-textured piece that is also incredibly involving... I was watching from between my fingers in the end" Time Out

Directed by Bharat Nalluri
DoP Danny Cohen
Executive Producer: Greg Brenman
Producer: Barney Reisz
Script Editor: Hilary Norrish 
Tiger Aspect Productions

(Stand-alone drama in the Channel Four series: "Shockers", 2001)*

Carl Gatliss..................Stuart Graham
Esther Powell...............Juliet Aubrey
Ken Christie................Alastair Galbraith

*Note also:

Written by Chris Bucknall
Uncredited rewrite by Stephen Volk
Directed by David Blair

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