The complete collection of my 60+ articles of non-fiction which first appeared in Black Static magazine (formerly The Third Alternative) over a 12-year period was published by PS Publications in 2019 under the title Coffinmaker's Blues.


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"Can You Hear Me?" - Introduction to Tommy, an Electric Dreamhouse Movie Monograph by Kit Powers (2019)  

"Normality Gone Bad" - Introduction to Wrapped in Skin by Mark Morris, Chizine Publications (2016)

"Pushing the Door He Unlocked: Ghostwatch and The Stone Tape" in We Are The Martians: the Legacy of Nigel Kneale ed. Neil Snowdon (forthcoming - 2017) 

"The Form of Things Unknown" - Introduction to The Longest Night: Five Curious Tales, Thomas Fletcher et al (2013)

"Abnormal Activity" - Introduction to Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains by Richard Lawden, (2013)

"Villa Diodati" in Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film ed. James Bell (BFI Publications, 2013) 


"Peter Cushing: The Human Face of Horror" in Fortean Times #301 (Dennis Publishing, May 2013)

"Domestic Uncanny: The Writing of TV's Afterlife" in BFS Journal (BFS Publications, Winter 2012/13) 

"The Song of the Syrinx and Other Callings" - Introduction to Frightfully Cosy and Mild Stories for Nervous Types by Johnny Mains (Shadow Publishing, 2012)

"The Ghost That Spooked The Nation" in The Paranormal Review Issue 64, October 2012
"Ten Ways Comedy and Horror Are Almost The Same Thing" in BFS Journal (BFS Publications, Autumn 2012)
"Living and Breathing Horror: An Introduction to Paul Kane" - Introduction to Pain Cages by Paul Kane, Books of the Dead Press, 2011)
"Rattling Cages: An Introduction to the classic Lost Television Series Death Rattles" - Introduction to Death Rattles ed. Gary Fry, Gray Friar Press (2011)

"Westworld" in Cinema Futura, ed. Mark Morris, PS Publications, 2010)

"Alfred and Jack: Ripping Yarns"   in Fortean Times #241 (October 2008)

"Stephen Volk's 10 Most Terrifying Movie Deaths" in The Book of Lists: Horror ed. David Wallechinsky and Amy Wallace (Canongate,2005)

"Can Hammer Ever Rise from the Grave?" in Pantechnicon Issue #6, March (2008)

"How Are You Feeling Today? Madness Truth and Gary Fry" - Introduction to Sanity and Other Delusions by Gary Fry (PS Publishing, 2007)

"The Dust of Vesuvius" - Introduction to British Invasion ed. Tim Lebbon, Christopher Golden (2007)

"Stiff Collars" (on M.R. JAMES) in "Some [Further] Remarks on Ghost Stories" ed. Brian J. Showers (2006)

"Empathy for the Devil" (on The Devil Rides Out) in Horror: Another 100 Books ed. Stephen Jones, Kim Newman (2005)