(Forthcoming - PS Publishing, October 2018)

Whitstable - 1971

Peter Cushing, grief-stricken over the loss of his wife and soul-mate, is walking along the sea shore near his home when a little boy approaches him. Taking him to be the famous vampire hunter Dr Van Helsing from the Hammer movies, the child asks for his expert help...

"A beautiful piece of work... heartfelt, respectful, elegant, brave" Dread Central

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Leytonstone - 1906 

The young Alfred Hitchcock is taken by his father to visit the local police station. There he suddenly finds himself, inexplicably, locked up for a crime he didn't commit - the catalyst for a series of events that will scar, and create, the world's leading Master of Terror...

"Volk possesses a questing mind and an expansive heart and paints dark and light sides of the human equation like few others" Mick Garris

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Netherwood - 1947

Best-selling black magic novelist Dennis Wheatley finds himself summoned mysteriously to the aid of Aleister Crowley - mystic, reprobate, The Great Beast 666, and dubbed by the press 'The Wickedest Man in the World' - to help combat a force of genuine evil...

"Beautifully written. Perfectly nuanced. I loved it"  Neil Spring, best-selling author of The Ghost Hunters and The Watchers

"With Netherwood, Stephen Volk gives us the night-side of nature, a journey into the mesmeric and demonic. As a reader I was overjoyed to feel a palatable unease that this tale of dark supernatural agency stirred within me. An instant classic of the genre"  Johnny Mains, series editor, Best British Horror 

"Netherwood is the best thing I've read this year. Wry, clever, creepy and quietly heartbreaking. It's a killer. Each of these novellas is pure gold"  Gary McMahon 

"I loved it. The perfect finale to the Dark Masters Trilogy. Packed with word magic, full of illuminating darkness"  A. K. Benedict, author of The Beauty of Murder and Jonathan Dark or The Evidence of Ghosts 

"The Wickedest Man in the World meets the Dan Brown of his day... but Volk finds the men behind the cliches... and they're not what you might expect"  Phil Rickman, Phil the Shelf, BBC Radio Wales

Hear an interview with Darryl Jones, Phil Rickman and Stephen Volk on Dennis Wheatley, Aleister Crowley and Netherwood, on Phil the Shelf (BBC Radio Wales)  




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