by Stephen Volk
(PS Publishing, July 2019)
Introduction by David Pirie 


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For twelve years, between 2004 and 2016, award-winning author and screenwriter Stephen Volk (Ghostwatch, Afterlife, The Awakening) wrote a bi-monthly column for Black Static magazine, documenting the life and thought processes of a working writer: the ups, the downs, the good, the bad, and the ugly of a life in the word mines.

The passion, the doubts, the wins, the losses, the murky thoughts that drive and obsess him. Collected here for the first time, they represent a fascinating overview of a period in which Film, TV and Publishing have all undergone huge changes.

Intimate, honest and inspiring, Coffinmaker's Blues is essential reading for anyone with an interest in how great movies, books and TV are made. A fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes, the joys and heartbreak of a life devoted to the written word.

Experience life in the trenches with one of the genre's most respected practitioners, telling it straight about the trials and tribulations of the craft and the business...

Beware of shrapnel. Safety not guaranteed. 

"Blisteringly powerful... Volk draws on a dizzying number of references and shows admirable conceptual depth and density as well as a muscular and evocative style"  SF Signal

"Constantly insightful"  Horror World Reviews

"Thoughtful and eloquent"  Matthew Fryer, Hellforge

"Amusingly scathing... Frank, honest, yet ultimately hopeful and considered"  Dread Central

"An insider's opinion... Volk certainly knows what he's talking about, with a career in the industry that has spanned two decades"  Rue Morgue Magazine

"Shows the vast knowledge and respect Stephen has for the genre. Excellent... An educational joy to read, this man knows his stuff"  Ginger Nuts of Horror

"Consistently entertaining"  Dark Musings

"Insightful"  Stephen Jones, editor of Best New Horror

"Gives the genre a great and always needed kick in the ass"  The Horror Fiction Review

"A masterclass for Horror Writers and Screenwriters"  Charles Prepolec (ed. Gaslight Grotesque, Gaslight Gothic)

"Essential reading, both as a book on writing craft and psychology... Highly recommended"  Kit Power, Ginger Nuts of Horror

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"Passionate, opinionated and diving deep into the heart of a topic - an outstanding collection that any fan of the genre should be reading. 10/10"  Sci-Fi Bulletin

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"A compendium of knowledge and anecdotes on topics such as films and filmmakers, scriptwriting, religion, politics, actors, horror - of course - and many more... A fantastic and essential read for readers and writers, book lovers, cinema fanatics and horror fans"  Magdalena Salata, Diabolique Magazine

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